Day #201 – Advocacy Video

In the post Day #121 – Advocate Part 3 I explained a presentation that Tucker did in front of his 6th grade class.  Many of you asked if I had a video.

In fact, I do.

I often do presentations to organizations.  This one happened to be to a High School Child Development class last fall.  The first part of the video is me talking about the ‘sensory’ piece of autism.

The ‘colander’ experiment begins at around minute 34:00.  Please feel free to skip ahead if you want!

I will tell you this is not the best work I can do – but it’s good enough for right now.  It’s good enough for you to get the general idea.  If you know anything about video editing you know it can (and often) takes HOURS.  This took me two hours to edit and six hours to upload – which is the reason it is about five hours late of my ‘daily deadline.’ So if the transitions are a bit choppy and the sound is wonky at times – forgive me.


3 thoughts on “Day #201 – Advocacy Video

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  2. Miss. Nickie
    I can’t do this! I was never a talk person and have an absolute fear of cameras.
    I’ll be an epic fail, this I know for sure.


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