Day #365 – Thank YOU

Well…it’s here.

Tucker is finishing out the blog tomorrow, so today is my last ‘scheduled’ day to write.

My last post after…

901 pages (Word Document)
270,869 words

I’ve been called windy before – but that’s a new record for me.

I’m kidding.  This isn’t my last post – I’m going to keep writing.  I ‘heard’ all of you and your plea.  I still have 12 pages of notes and that doesn’t include the day to day, spirit-induced topics.  I’m going to take a week off – unless, of course, something major happens.  After that I’ll probably write 1-2 times per week.

Today?  I thank all of you.  All of you who read or have read this blog at any point in the past year.  Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for being part of our family.  Your love, support, and compassion for us has, at times, been overwhelming.  I have been brought to tears AND laughter by your comments and private messages.  I have made new, quite incredible friends – for that, I will be forever grateful.

It has been an honor and privilege to share our story, Tucker’s story.  I remember the first day I had 100 readers – I told my husband that we needed to celebrate.  His response?  “Babe, this is just the beginning…you have a great story to tell and a great ability to tell that story.”  It seems he was right…again.

I remember the day I had 10 followers.  I remember saying to him – “Why do these 10 people want to read this story?  That’s nuts.”

Every single time I get a notification that another person is following, I sort of squint and wonder.  Thank you for the boost in my self-esteem.

Thank you for following on Twitter or Facebook or (new to me) Pinterest.  I tried to stay off Pinterest – because I knew my life would get sucked into projects (more than I already am) but found this a great outlet to organize posts and share ideas.

I have cried through posts.
I have laughed through posts.
I have nodded my head through posts.
I have had intense frustration through posts.
I have cried and laughed, nodded my head and had intense frustrations through posts.

I hope you have too.

I have stared at blank screens with a blinking cursor, cursing (well…not really-but it was a good play on words) this insane idea of mine.  I have had the words come out so easily that I have written 1,200 words in 15 minutes.  I have been so excited to post that I forgot to spell, grammar, and think-check my writing.  I have been so worried about not offending others that I came back to a post and refined 15 times in a single day.

I have written in parking lots, lying in bed, sitting at our table, computer on my belly lying on the floor, on my front porch, sitting at our patio set while sipping a cool summer drink, and sprawled out on a couch.   I have written at half-times and forced my family to pause a movie because I have a ‘stroke of genius.’   I have written at my parent’s house and my in-law’s home.

I have written while lacking motivation and sleep.  I have left parties early to write and risen before the sun to write.  I have flopped face down in my bed because I was stuck.

I once had the opportunity to meet Robert James Waller (author of The Bridges of Madison County) – not only meet him, but actually sit and talk with him. He told me there is really no such thing as writer’s block.  If I was having troubles writing and telling a story then I did it to myself – I backed myself into a corner.  I went to a ‘place’ that I wasn’t intending to go.  There were moments that I repeated this to myself…therefore, I have deleted full posts and have 23 abandoned, half-written posts.

beautiful journalist looks typewriter

While I have done all of this – I have never lacked for story.   A story that is so important to tell.  A story, which hopefully…

brought hope
brought understanding
brought compassion
brought knowledge
brought laughter
brought heartache
brought empathy.

Thank you for being audience to our story and for being a part of my unforgettable life-long story.

Now – who knows a publisher that wants this content? 😉

14 thoughts on “Day #365 – Thank YOU

  1. Thank you for sharing Tucker and all your family with all of us. Some of us see you every day or week in various places. I also know there are those out there who will never be able to come to what I (very sincerely & lovingly) call the Hinterland of Iowa and meet you all in the flesh. Your generosity of spirit to share this story with all and sundry has made anyone reading any one of these posts a better person. I knew all those years ago when I first me you that you are a special person, but I truly had NO IDEA!

    And I don’t know of a publisher, but I do know there is one out there that is right for all of “this” – all of this love and compassion and so much more; all of this that is needed for all our children and for all our families to become better. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thank you! Same to you – who knew our lives would cross once again?!?! I’m so glad you are once again a part of my life. You have a beautiful spirit…and I happen to really like people who have that sense of calm and peace. It’s what feels right in the world, that’s for sure.


  2. I’ve been wondering if there was any way to adequately thank you for the impact your sharing your family’s journey has had on our family. I have felt less alone, stronger, more sure of our path . As a family We have begun dreaming more… This feeling of being less isolated and thru the sameness of the stories shared more understood and accepted….. A healing of our bruised and battered hearts that has begun – allowing us to in turn share more, advocate more, and support more effectively. I know it sounds dramatic and I know we may have gotten there on our own…. But Thank You for sharing your story and helping us feel more connected. Your gift to us has been very much appreciated and it has had helped us become “simply better” at what we do!

    Enjoy your well deserved time off. I am very much looking forward to Tucker’s post tomorrow!


    • I’d say that’s a pretty great thank you. I’m glad we could be there for you…and will continue to be. I’m thinking of what direction to take next. I’d really love to share stories of other people…because I think we learn the most from learning about another’s experience. My hubby is taking me to Chicago for the weekend – so I’m feeling pretty excited for our weekend away (and not having to thinking about remembering my computer or blogging…lol). We’ll ‘see’ you next week!


  3. Wow! What a journey you have shared with us as we traveled this past year with you and your family! Thank you for the laughter, the tears, the frustration, the learning, the inspiration, and most of all the EXPERIENCE of seeing glimpses of your lives through the lens of this wonderful young man, your son Tucker. And thank you for helping me adjust my lens to hopefully have a better understanding of the children entrusted to my care as a teacher-librarian. I look forward to all you have to offer that is yet to come!


    • Thank you so much, Lili. For sharing with others, for your lovely comments, and for love our family. You are most definitely one of the people I miss most from that area. You have that thing…that thing that can’t always be described – it’s a passion for your community, your students, and your God. I find that to be remarkable and uplifting…as well as encouraging. I am going to get up there one of these days and I would love to see you!


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  5. I look forward to your post,every day! For me the year went very fast and,I’m not ready for your story to be over. I’m so happy your going to continue telling the Autism Story. My grandson was diagnosed about the time your blog started and I see so much of that loving boy in what I read. Thank you for all the information. Jolene Greving.


    • Jolene!??! Is this my favorite Sears Jolene??? If so, I’m SO glad to hear from you….more than that I’m so glad you were able to find some space to think and learn about your precious grandson. I hope NW Iowa is still good to you – I certainly miss your smile and energy!


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