Day #356 – Roots & Wings

Yesterday I took time to thank my husband for everything he is.  Today?  My parents.

It’s really the very beginning, right?

I shared my dad’s most important lesson on Day #284.
I shared a baker’s dozen of advice from my mom on Mother’s Day – Day #244.

Today is not really about the lessons they have taught me.  Instead it’s just a note of gratitude.

I never asked if I could write about them.  I never asked if I could…well…sort of put them on display at times.  I never asked if I could share pictures of them.  I never asked if it was okay to put my life on display.

They are also not from this my generation (obviously).  My mom hates Facebook .  My dad tries new phones and returns to his flip phone.  Half-way through the blog they purchased a new computer and called for the web address of the blog – they lost the email that had the link that they had saved from Day 1 – The Journey.

This generational divide makes putting your life out there for an unknown audience odd, strange, and quite uncomfortable.  They are pretty private folks.  But they read – and they read every day.

One of my favorite moments over the past year?  When my dad would call.  Keep in mind that he’s about as non-emotional as they come.  He’s straight to the point.  He follows what is asked of him.  He plays by the rules.  He lives in a land that is this or that – to him, there is very little gray area.

He and I are very different.  I thrive in the gray.

When he would call his conversation was always short.  It usually went something like this…

“You’re doing the best you can.  That’s all you can do.”
“Remember I was like that too.  He’ll be okay.”
“You are making a difference.  Keep it up.”
“I do my best, but I also make mistakes.”
“You’re doing the right thing.”
“God is on your side.”
“Just pray.”

Every time he would call I would be brought to tears.  I knew how much it took for him to make that call and I knew that call really meant, “I’m proud of you – I love you.”  Those darn baby-boomer dads – most aren’t very emotional…but most of us know what they are trying to say.

So, thank you mom and dad.  Thank you for reading every day.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for growing with Tucker, with all of us.  Thank you for not disowning me for once again for doing something out of the ordinary.

Thank you for your calls.  Thank you for your encouragement.  It’s true – you were the kind of parents to give me roots and wings.  Roots to stay grounded and honest while writing and wings that allowed me to write about and imagine all of what Tucker will become.

roots and wings

Roots and wing – both made this blog fun to write while inspiring and providing comfort to others.

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