Day #353 – Watch This!


Sometimes I see something online and I am moved.  It actually doesn’t happen that often.  I get sent (and watch) plenty of poignant articles, blogs, and videos…so it actually take a lot to move me.

This one?  Woah.

Remember on Day #248 when I wrote about the problem with ‘that’ story?  You know that one – the one about the ‘amazing’ child that was nice to a child with special needs?

My hope is that one day these stories aren’t  newsworthy.  Wouldn’t it be great if being kind to others was the ‘norm’ instead of news?  We can always hope.

Regardless, I have to share this story and it’s ‘that’ story.  Why?  Because it’s just so, so, so good.

So. Good.

So good that I even played it for my husband in the vehicle over our speaker system – WITHOUT a wireless connection.  Yes, I sacrificed data because it is THAT good.

All that is right in this world is in this video.

Do yourself a favor.  Sit down. Take two minutes and 49 seconds and watch this video. I promise, it will be well worth the time.

One thought on “Day #353 – Watch This!

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