Day #348 – Alternatives

I signed a petition last week.

The petition was to advocate that insurance companies cover more natural remedies, homeopathic medicine, or alternative treatments.  Now, I understand the struggle with regulation – that’s a whole other area that would have to be considered.  Regardless, I’m all for alternative medicine.

My good friend has cancer and has had more pharmaceuticals shot into her than well…I don’t know what to compare.  She has tried to battle through some of her pain and symptoms with natural remedies, but has been consistently bombarded by the insurance company/pharmaceutical/physician steam train.

So, last week she decided to stop.

Stop it all.

She’s refusing modern treatments – all they have done up until this point is marginally shrunk her cancer while making her more ill and worsening her quality of life.   She’s now turned to alternative medicines and the power of meditation and prayer.

I love her.  I love that she’s saying, ‘no more,’ and taking control of her own health and well-being.  I’m also fully aware (as is she) what this may mean.

Mortality.  However, this time it’s mortality with a high quality of life prequel.

Yesterday I saw this meme from a walk down autism lane (a FB site).


In 1976 a baby girl was born who was apparently a legendary projectile vomit’er. This baby girl ended up having a son who was also a projectile vomit’er, his name was Tucker.

We tried formulas, we tried different bottles, we tried limited the ounces…nothing worked.  I could hear his vomit hit the wall as he lay in his crib.  It was excruciating – I knew it had to hurt and be uncomfortable.  It was also just gross- cleaning him, cleaning sheets, cleaning the wall, cleaning the carpet.

He was exhausted and hungry.  I was exhausted and losing my mind.

My mom finally had enough.  She told me that her ‘old time’ doctor told her to give me something called Sweet Acidophilus Milk.  Apparently when milk is pasteurized the acidophilus enzyme is removed.  Acidophilus is a very important enzyme that aids a healthy digestive system.

I asked my Doctor if I could try that.  He appeared mortified at my suggestion and then  advised Zantac.

Zantac for my six-week-old.  Zantac.

I finally decided that it couldn’t  hurt – that’s what my mom gave me and I ended up a healthy, intelligent, independent, somewhat-opinionated woman. Those all sound like characteristics I would like in my child.

At our next appointment I told him Tucker had remarkable improvement.  He had…because I was giving him Sweet Acidophilus Milk.

When Tucker was having troubles ‘going’ our Doc suggested all kinds of medicines.  What finally worked?  Aloe Vera Juice.  Read about that adventure in, The Trouble With Going.

Where is this going?

A very good friend of mine sells Essential Oils and after reading this blog she contacted me about using oils to help Tucker.   I gave her four ‘issues’ that we could use help with:

  • Constipation
  • Increasing focus
  • Constant movement
  • He seems to sleep well – but I wonder if he wiggles all night long.  Is he really getting the rest he needs?

She responded with some research on oil combinations that can help all of these issues.  Some folks think this type of medicine/treatment is ‘voodoo.’  I don’t really get that – it seems putting something in my body that I can’t pronounce is much more ‘voodoo’ than using something made from ‘lavender, ginger, anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli, and juniper.’

So, I’m in.

We tried formulas produced in manufacturing facilities.  They didn’t work.
Sweet Acidophilus worked and it wasn’t a manufactured chemical.

We tried pills and mixes produced in manufacturing facilities.  They didn’t work.
Aloe Vera Juice worked and it wasn’t a manufactured chemical.

I don’t know that this will work…but  I also don’t know that it won’t.


Do you have experiences with ‘natural’ medicine/healing?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Day #348 – Alternatives

  1. Never have medicated Brandon, we have done natrual stuff for sleep but essential oils work the best for Brandon. When he hurts he brings me the peppermint. Bedtime we do peace and calming and lavender… many more… at first I thought it was crazy, I now use the oils for the whole family. 😉


    • Good to know! You’re not going to believe this (actually you will) I had someone contact me about using a pharm that is used for Alzheimer’s patients because ‘in trials’ it helped kids on the spectrum. I quickly deleted the person and the message – my child needs patience and understanding not a pharm to turn him into a well-behaved drone. 😉


  2. Michael had a lot of antibiotics when he was a very young baby. They killed all the good bacteria in his gut. Our dr gave us bacteria to add to his formula…. Which did help…. But we often wonder if it was too little too late…. We do use pro-biotics but they seem to have very limited benefit for Him.

    We began using a natural supplement called NAC for Michael when he was in 1st grade. This supplement aids in the regulation of the nervous system. For Michael – this was the “silver bullet” which allowed him to be calm long enough for an intervention to actually reach him. He could begin to talk (or shout) his way through an issue instead of resorting to the fetal position and “fight or flight”.

    For Michael – this supplement was worth 1000 times its cost. It is one of the things we wish they studied more. Kids like Michael with an unintegrated morro reflex need a way to better balance the dopamine/adrenaline balance in their bodies.

    Just like diabetics need insulin…

    We have wondered now that he is older if oils might help…. Especially for constipation and sleep and anxiety…. Please let me know if you find success with any of these…..


  3. We have an autistic son and oils have made a world of difference. His impulse control and and ability to self-calm improved so much his teachers asked us what medications we were giving him. Now, we have his oils written into his IEP. Oils have also helped my wife with her chronic medical condition. My wife has spent many months researching essential oils and their applications and my family is so much healthier for it. I am so grateful for all her hard work and diligence. I applaud all of you going the natural route.


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