Day #342 – Literacy and PE?!?!?

About a week ago I promised to write about some auditory-language troubles.  Like normal, I became sidetracked. (See – Day #333 – Calling Names)  Here is that list again (from
_x_ unable to locate the source of a sound
__ difficulty identifying people’s voices
__ difficulty discriminating between sounds/words; i.e., “dare” and “dear”
_x_ difficulty filtering out other sounds while trying to pay attention to one person talking
_x_ bothered by loud, sudden, metallic, or high-pitched sounds
_x_ difficulty attending to, understanding, and remembering what is said or read; often asks for directions to be repeated and may only be able to understand or follow wo sequential directions at a time
_x_ looks at others to/for reassurance before answering
_x_ difficulty putting ideas into words (written or verbal)
_x_ often talks out of turn or “off topic”
_x_ if not understood, has difficulty re-phrasing; may get frustrated, angry, and give up
__ difficulty reading, especially out loud (may also be dyslexic)
_x_ difficulty articulating and speaking clearly
_x_ ability to speak often improves after intense movement

I’ve written about several of these factors on and off over the past 342 days so tonight I figured I would comment on “Ability to speak often improves after intense movement.”

On Day 49 I wrote about recess.  I cannot describe the importance of movement for my son.  Last week you all know he had football camp.  Do you know what happens after football camp?  Nonstop talking – sometimes I can’t even follow his train of thought.  Okay…honestly – most of the time I cannot follow his train of thought.  Last week the conversation went sound something like this…

Tucker, how was football practice?

It was good.  I don’t like conditioning.  I know Matt says it’s just part of football, but I really dislike it.  There are guys on my team that are you know like made to run like Austin [his friend Austin who is not on the football team].  Hey I wonder what Austin has been up to lately.  Have you talked to his mom?  (Yes, Tucker.  I talked to her a couple days ago.) I’m ready to see him at school and oh yeah…Confirmation.  When does Confirmation start again?  (I don’t know yet, Tucker).  Oh.  Well you should find that out and figure out when we get to serve supper to all of my friends.  I love having tacos but I know that everyone else love having breakfast.  I do like pancakes, but Matt makes better pancakes than you.  What do you think is in his pancakes? (I don’t know, Tucker) I bet he puts sugar in them.  You don’t add sugar to anything because it’s not good for us.  I understand that but you’d think with as healthy as you feed me I would be a kid who is meant to run, you know and then conditioning would be easy.  But it’s not.  

All in one breath.

Honestly, it can be exhausting.
Honestly, when I was in school I had a strong disdain for recess and PE.
Honestly, now I can’t work out without taking notes because my brain just starts racing with all of these ‘genius ideas.’

This is why I love PE this is why I love recess.

This is the reason that I began advocating for him to have PE every day – and sometimes twice a day.  He doesn’t know that yet…but the wheels are most certainly turning!  Just imagine if I can get his brain to be that ‘on’ during literacy – woah – he’ll have to use his voice to text app just to get all of his ideas recorded.  What a wonderful problem to have.

Who know?  Literacy and PE?


Mutually beneficial for sure.

4 thoughts on “Day #342 – Literacy and PE?!?!?

    • Thank you! Me too – I’d be interested in seeing what happens to other kiddos who ‘need’ movement if they were given this option. I think we’d be surprised (and not).

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