Day #340 – After the Pslam comes the _________.

If you’re a church going person, you know the answer. For us?  The second lesson.

This morning as I sat in the pew of our small church I began thinking about why I love going to worship so much.

Sure I love the people.
Sure I love the words.
Sure I love my God.
Sure I love being reminded of grace.

It’s not any of those things, though.  I have friends, I can read the words on my own, I can pray wherever I am, and I can find examples of grace all around me.

There are generally three types of worship services offered at churches – traditional, contemporary, and mixed.  I’ve gone to all three – I appreciate all three.  My favorite though? Traditional.

It’s comfort.
It’s routine.
It’s consistent.
It’s steadfast.
It’s constant.

With a world that is constantly changing, clinking, clanking, and clattering it’s a certain comfort to me that something stays the same. (Thank you Wizard of Oz for that alliterative assistance.)

Traditional worship mostly stays the same.

I was thinking about it this morning during the liturgy portion of the service.  I don’t need a hymnal because it’s the same as it has been since I can remember.  I can simply stand and sing.  I really don’t even have to think about the words that I’m singing.  While this probably is ‘blind faith’ – there is comfort is knowing the words.  There is comfort in knowing the tune.  There is comfort in knowing the people around you feel the same.  There is comfort in the  routine of it all.

Sure – there may be different versions of the liturgy – but everyone sings the loudest when it’s the one we all know.  Ever been in a church when the congregation tries to sing a new song out of the hymnal?  Woah…that’s usually no good – nooooooo good at all.

As I was thinking about this sense of comfort this morning I thought about Tucker.  I thought about how he thrives in structured, scheduled environments.  I thought about the fact that he doesn’t enjoy surprises or when things are different.

I thought about the peace I was feeling – and that’s the peace that he must feel.  Why would he ever want that feeling to go away?

Change is good, progress is beneficial – I get that and truly believe it…but sometimes, isn’t it nice to just have it as it ‘always was and as it always will be?’


4 thoughts on “Day #340 – After the Pslam comes the _________.

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