Day #335 – Results

You. Guys.  (and Gals, of course – but it ruins how it reads)


Do you remember on Day # 275 when I gave readers an opportunity to win the b-Calm system? Well – I forwarded the names on and 10 lucky readers were selected to receive a free system.

Last week I heard back from one family.  Now  – I’m not about endorsing specific products, but I am about sharing when a product works for a family.  Read this note from his amazing mama…

Yes, we received it last week!  I’ve been meaning to email you about it-  we’ve been having to travel with our 4-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with Selective Mutism for therapy appointments…it’s been a little nutty around here (more than usual ha!)

Anyway, yes….Kellen just LOVES his b-Calm!  We received it on a day when he was feeling very overwhelmed, anxious, and out-of-sorts.  The UPS driver brought the box up to our door and we had no idea what was inside.  I was so surprised and over joyed when I opened it up!  Kellen immediately put it on and was zoned out 🙂  He sat in the rocking chair with that on for a good 1 1/2 hours- and I let him.  He needed it soooo much that day…it was such a blessing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Kellen the opportunity to have one of these.  He has also allowed his little sister to use it as well!  We have noticed that when she is feeling anxious (which is the majority of the day) it helps her to calm down and to refocus.  It is really helping both of my kiddos out! 🙂

Thanks again, for this opportunity!  It has been a stressful summer with our daughter being newly diagnosed with SM- which has thrown Kellen for a loop with having to adjust to weird schedules everyday.  This brings them both some calmness and gives this Mom a little break, too!

photo (48)

Oh…be still my heart!  Look at that smile and that face!!!!

Of all reasons to blog…this may be may favorite.  Who else out there wants me to give some stuff away to families?!?!?!

I’ve also learned that the b-Calm system isn’t just for autism spectrum disorders – it’s also being used for ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, PDD-NOS, and PTSD.  Who knew specially formulated ‘white noise’ could be so advantageous for so many people!!

For more information on the b-Calm go to:  There is also an app available for download.  Search on your iPhone or iPad in the App store for b-Calm – then you can use your own earbuds/phones and devices!!!

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    • Please let me know what you think! I’ve heard from others that are telling me it’s really changing their lives. I wish it had been available when Tucker was younger!

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