Day #334 – Adventures in Autism

Short post – because sometimes there just isn’t much to say.  It seems this happens it comes from the mouths of babes.

So…today was a sad day.

Today is the day that Dom left (see Besties & Stimming).

On our way to his house we had a spirited conversation about how we wish he lived closer – or even with us.  We made a plan for where everyone would sleep and how he could have visitation with his own parents on weekends.  We even joked about me abducting him (I know that doesn’t sound like a ‘joke’ – but trust me we all laughed) that included a clever conversation (initiated by him) about which cornfield he would choose to throw his phone.

We talked about his friends and about Tucker’s friends – about how they both have good friends…but none like each other.  Then he said something I will never forget.

You know why I like Tuck so much?


I can pretty much guess what my other friends are going to say or do.  We think alike – but being with Tuck is so different.  You could be playing a game and while my other friends would be thinking about the game Tuck starts talking about ham sandwiches.  You just never know with him, my other friends are nothing like him.  It’s like an adventure.

I laughed…because I had never thought about autism (or Tucker) like that.  Dom is right…it IS like an adventure.  What a wonderful way to think about someone who is different.  He isn’t weird or scary, nerdy or uncool – he’s an adventure.

Merriam-Webster defines adventure as a) an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks, b)  the encountering of risks, c)an exciting or remarkable experience,  and/or d) an enterprise involving financial risk.

I’ve thought about it all day long and have decided that I REALLY like that simile.  Autism is like an adventure – you just never know what’s going to happen.  It’s unknown and I encounter neurodiversity every day.  It IS exciting and at times, remarkable, and often involves financial risk (thousands of chew toys to choose from).   Some moments are good…some bad – but NEVER boring and ALWAYS exciting.



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