Day #320 – Cinema Roll

Tucker generally dislikes movies.

However – in the past week he has broken a significant barrier to ‘voice’ his likes and dislikes when it comes to the silver screen.  I don’t know how it happened and I really don’t care (as is with much of this ASD world).

A month ago he would have started watching a movie and all of a sudden he would throw his hands over his eyes and/or ears…or he would simply walk out.  Many parents would simply give up – that’s just not my style.  I generally keep trying until I find something that works for him.

Then came Inside Out (Read Day#288 – Cinema Time).  He made it through, laughed, AND we were able to talk about it afterwards.  I felt the tide turning.

Last week we were sitting on the couch and my husband said, “Tucker.  If you could be one of the Avenger’s who would it be?”  Obviously he likes the Avenger’s and this is (was) part of my ongoing issue – which movie he would like and which he wouldn’t.  At the time there really seemed to be no rhyme or reason.  He said, “Well, Captain American is my favorite [as evidenced in Day #31 Stuck Tuck], but I would choose to be Hulk.”

Then he said, “Tucker.  You like the Avenger’s.  I just can’t figure out why you like some movies and not others.  Like the Avenger’s is made up, but so is the Hunger Games and you have no desire to watch that.  Do you think you can tell me why?”

Here is the very important part.  He began talking and then stopped and said ‘Nevermind.’  Then Matt said to him, “Take your time Tuck, we have all night for you to put your ideas together.”

Tuck smiled and nodded.  I got teary (pretty normal…you know, when people respond in positive, helpful, nonjudgemental ways).

Three minutes later he said, “I like movies that are funny with real people.  I like movies that are totally fake – you know…like…duh there is no such thing as The Hulk.  I don’t like movies that are scary and could be real.  The only ‘real’ movies I like are ones that make me laugh like Dennis the Menace or Grown Ups.  I like really fake movies like the Avenger’s or Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  I don’t like or even want to watch The Hunger Games – because that could happen.  I don’t want to watch The Fault in Our Stars because you all talk about how it makes you sad.  Why would I want to be sad and watch a child die?”

Huh.  That actually makes complete sense.

He likes fiction where there is NO chance it could happen.
He likes fiction when it could happen…but it’s funny.

So, tonight we tried it out and went to Pixels.


First – let me tell you that it’s been a LONG time since I have laughed that hard – LITERALLY out loud in a movie to the point that I was worried about annoying others.  If you are a ‘product’ of the 80’s – you WILL laugh during this movie…a lot.  No – it’s not a ‘thinking’ movie – yes, if you let it…it will make you laugh.  It also has an wicked-awesome soundtrack..Surrender by Cheap Trick, We Will Rock You by Queen, Working For The Weekend by Loverboy, She’s Gone by Hall and Oates, and Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

Tucker and I watched three of the movie trailers today to prepare for the movie.  It’s funny AND is not real at all.  Jeepers cats was it funny.

Now…let me preface this next section with the fact that I know the reviews have been less than stellar.  Maybe I like dumb, weird humor – regardless, I thought the movie was freaking hilarious and it seemed to be a perfect match for Tuck.

The movie opens with a young Kevin James and Adam Sandler talking about patterns in the video games I grew up with (Pac-Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, etc.).  Then, the ‘nerds’ get to save the day (and planet).  Patterns and the ‘weird’ kids saving the day?  Perfect.

Why do I think Tucker loved this movie so much?  Adam Sandler’s humor is obvious – it is not hidden in metaphors or cliché’s.  It’s right there…you don’t really have to search for it (in hindsight – Tucker loves all of Sandler’s movies).  It was obviously fiction (the gigantic Pac-Man eating New York City is great example).

He laughed.  He laughed HARD.  He laughed so hard he was doubled over in his movie seat.  It was as sweet as can be.

I think we’re on a Cinema Roll – which for me, is just as sweet as a Cinnamon Roll.

5 thoughts on “Day #320 – Cinema Roll

    • Let me know what you think! It’s certainly not an Oscar contender but if you just let yourself ‘buy in’ to the story I don’t know how a person couldn’t laugh. I was seriously punching the air after the ‘nerds’ beat the centipedes because the Military’s Seal Team couldn’t do it – Tucker reach over and gave me some knuckles. I know…sounds ridiculous – but it’s weirdly fun.

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