Day #314 – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Be sure to read yesterday’s post for this to make sense.  Day #313 – All in a Day

He slept until 9 PM.
He woke until 10:30 PM.
He slept until 7:30 AM.

My boy is back.

This will be a short post because we had an awesome, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, outstanding morning.  Honestly?  There isn’t much reason to write more than what happened.

Tucker had his school sports physical this morning.  Here is what happened.

Nurse:  It looks like you don’t come often.
Tucker:  No.  I have only had antibiotics once. Two years ago I had bronchitis.  That’s it.
Nurse:  I see that.  Oh, and you have autism.
Tucker: Yes.
Nurse:  So, no other problems than autism right now?

Get ready for his response…seriously…get ready.

Tucker:  Autism is not a problem.  It just means I think different than most people and get overwhelmed sometimes.
Nurse:  (grinning ear to ear) I’m happy to hear that Tucker. You will do great things in life.
Tucker:  Thank you.



Imagine me hitting this bell several times over.


THAT is why we’ve talked about autism from Day One.

THAT is why we’ve taught him to be his own advocate.

THAT is why we’ve never shied from talking about our experience.

My heart is just so full I could burst.

Today was most certainly a better day.

8 thoughts on “Day #314 – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

    • Exactly – and someone asked me if I was angry at the nurse. Not at all…I get what she was asking. ‘Any problems but diabetes?” ‘Any problems except allergies” It’s something she says probably a hundred times a day. She wasn’t intending to be mean…that’s for sure.

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