Day #308 – Fine Family

I often worry about the effect that this blog has on my family.  I try not to write about them THAT often…but it happens. It happens because they are a pretty darn big part of my life.  They are also pretty private folks.

I, on the other hand, am not – private that is (there are scores of people who know me in hysterics right now).

I’m sort of the ‘freak’ of my family – freak in ALL good ways (at least I think so).  I’m loud, I talk a lot, I talk with my hands, I’m artistic, I have weird, wild hair, I’m spontaneous, I STRONGLY dislike conflict, I’m a bit more liberal, I have big thoughts that sometimes make no sense, I’m not the best at following society’s rules (I’m making a scrunchy face as I write that), I read into everything, I have lots of ideas that never come to fruition, I crack *at times* inappropriate jokes, I rarely eat meat (which is odd for growing up on a farm), I really like falafel and curry, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

That’s just a sampling.  Right now I’m positive my brother is making his own scrunchy face saying, “Falafel?!?!?”  Bet on it.

I often write about my husband because it was his choice to be a part of my sorta insane life.  He knew exactly what he was getting into.  Too bad for him.  HA!

Today I just can’t help myself.  It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday and she’s phenomenal.

Seriously – she’s made a huge impact in my life and that’s all well and good, but she’s Tucker’s aunt.  She’s Tucker’s only aunt.

She’s also his designated guardian if something happens to me.


Because she gets it and I’m not sure how or why, but she inherently gets it.  Some people are just like that and they are the best kind of people.  Saint Samantha is also one of those people.  On Day #239 – My One, Biggest Fear you read about my worry for Tucker upon my death.  I know – it’s not fun to think about, but completely necessary.  Who would understand him?

She would.

Of all people who have been in my life since Tucker was born – she’s the one who has never judged, she’s the one who has always provided a calm voice, she’s never tried to tell me what I should do.

Instead – she listened, she learned, she helped, she remain calm, she loved – even when it was an unlovable moment.

Somehow at a very early age she just knew.  She knew when an environment was too much – so she would come for him, take him to a calm area, and simply care for him.

She’s a remarkable woman and I just had to tell you about her and about the value of people like her in your own families.

They are a true treasure, these people in our families.  As I am not much like many in my own family – we all have something to give.  I add a little…um…spice to my family.  She adds a little calm and logic – no wonder she and Tucker have a special bond.

So, I guess what I’m really getting at here is how important family is.  All members of your family – even the ones you wish you weren’t related to, even the ones who you roll your eyes at, even the members who make you want to drink.  It takes all of them to create this weird, wacky fully complete life we live.

Today – tell one of them what they mean to you.
Today – make a difference in their life.
Today – remind them that you are thankful they are a part of your family.

Happy Birthday Aunt Debby – you mean the world to us.  You are our calm and our grounding.  You make a difference in our lives every day.  Whether it’s you ‘getting’ Tucker or encouraging me to find my happy.  We are thankful for you and I am so grateful that my brother chose you…but even more grateful that you said yes.




2 thoughts on “Day #308 – Fine Family

  1. Now you make me cry. Although I’m just ian’s grandmother, I worry a lot about that too. Of course he has his mother and she loves him. And she became very motherly to him since Ian’s 2 nd assessment when we were finally told that he has Asperger’s, unlike the 1st time when it was just “has symptoms of autism”. The problem is he’s not obedient to her.
    I only hope my daughter continues to spend time with him until they find a common ground (for lack of better word) then I may rest easy…


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