Day #275 – b-Calm BIG NEWS GIVEAWAY!!!!

Okay folks – I have something very exciting to tell you!  Remember Day #192 when I wrote about Tucker helping to develop an app?  Well…that app is LIVE and can be purchased through the iOS App Store!!!!!

That’s exciting stuff.

What is the app for?

Here it comes…even more cool stuff!  The app is for a product called b-Calm. The b-Calm system includes a set of headphones and tablet that allows the user to have control of the sound in the environment they are residing.  The b-Calm system has been proven to reduce off task behaviors and irritability.

cache_160_160_2_0_100_16777215_b-Calm-EX-2013 - Adult

The b-Calm system can be used for many folks – but is specifically marketed towards children with ADHD/ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The b-Calm system was actually developed by a dentist to help patients struggling with the sounds of dental drills.  It worked so well that it became an intervention tool used for those struggling with sensory challenges due to autism and/or ADD/ADHD.

Does it work?  Well – several schools are buying these headphones for their special needs students.  I took a pair home to Tucker to let him use them.  His thoughts? “I don’t need them, but I could see how they would work really well.  Actually, I think they would have been helpful when I was much younger.”

Well, thank you Mr. Reviewer man…lol.

We KNOW that early intervention is best.  We KNOW the most growth comes when we teach coping skills early.  It’s obvious that Tucker knows this as well.

Here is where it all comes together.

The headphones and the app that Tucker helped create work together.

The app allows the user to control and manipulate the sound.

So…here is the big news.

I have permission from the inventor to GIVE AWAY 10 sets of the headphones!!!!  With a promise that you will send a review.

Want one???  Check out the website and see if it would be something you think would help your child.

Send me an email at and I’ll hook you up.

Seriously…this is exciting business.


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