Day #256 – Neverending Spectrum Business

It’s 11:30 PM-this will be a short post.  Tonight was Tucker’s bonus brother’s graduation party – which is why this post is so late.  We spent the day preparing and partying.

Here is what struck me about tonight…and really about today.

It’s just never-ending, the spectrum business that is.

Will we have food that he likes?  I need to have a back-up plan because if he’s hungry he’ll lose it.
Will there be too much noise?  I need to have a back-up plan because if it’s too loud he’ll lose it.
Will there be too many people?  I need to have a back-up plan because it’s too much he’ll lose it.
Will there…
Will there…
Will there…

My point?  It’s just never-ending – the planning and prepping – on top of everything else we were already doing.  It really is a Catch 22 for life on the spectrum.  Always planning and prepping for something that may never happen, but the SECOND you don’t prep – all h*ll will break loose.

I had all kinds of alternate plans for very situation imaginable.  It’s part of being a parent…but spectrum parents have to be much more intentional about all of the issues that may arise.

He did fine, great actually.  I’m not surprised that he did so great – but I’m fully aware it could have easily gone the other direction.

My favorite part?  On the way home when my husband took a moment to praise him…

For being patient…
For playing with others…
For taking care of his needs…
For finding something to eat…
For handling a bloodied knee with bravery…
For knowing when he needed a break, and taking one…
For reaching out to us when he needed help or was feeling weird…

Nah… that wasn’t my favorite part.

My favorite part was when Tucker simply responded, “Thank you. The chicken wings were delicious.  Mom, can I have a leftover cookie?”

Self-awareness and simplicity at its best…just like a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie.

‘Of course you can have a cookie.”


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