Day #237 – Nudist Colony

Nude and naked.

I’ve already covered socks (Day #224 – Socks).  This is much more…er, actually much less.

It is a common preference for children on the spectrum to be naked.

Why?  Most likely due to the sensory issues.

Imagine wearing clothes where you can feel every seam, every texture. Every movement you make you can feel the fabric slide against your skin.  Every stitch around a button-hole, the coolness of the back of a metal snap, the string of a hem – every piece touching a nerve that sends a signal to your brain.

Every move you make…you feel your clothing against your skin.

This weekend we went to several graduation parties and I couldn’t help but giggle at all of the nude pictures that people have of their children.  It reminded me of my own picture collection.

He played trains…naked.
He washed cars…naked.
He watched television…naked.
He played outside…naked (he was a sneaky little bugger).
He carved pumpkins…naked.
He ate…naked.
And…if possible, he played dress-up…naked.

I know, I know – that one makes me laugh too!


Up until age eight he preferred nothing.  The house we used to live in had a large glass window as part of storm door.  He used to stand in front of the door and watch the cars go by.  I often joked that we had nothing to ‘hide’ in our house, Tucker bared it all!

This was very difficult as most people didn’t really understand what he was experiencing.  If there is one thing I have learned about parenting on the spectrum it’s to never, I mean NEVER EVER, make the child feel guilty for something they cannot control.

Please don’t ever punish your child for not being able to tolerate clothes.  I KNOW it can be embarrassing.  I KNOW it can be frustrating….but I always try to imagine myself in his shoes.  I have moments when my pants don’t feel right or I’m wearing a scratchy fabric.  When I would get frustrated I would imagine how it would be to feel that way all of the time.

It takes time and it takes patience and it may take a lot of deep breaths.

Tucker is 12 and we are finally to the point (in the past couple of years) that we are getting away with boxer shorts.  Let me tell you – as soon as he gets home from school and/or playing in the yard, he strips down to boxers.

Is he really THAT different though?  When I get home the first thing I do is change into yoga pants and put on a comfy t-shirt (or too big sweatshirt).  Sure, I may not prefer to be in my skivvies…but I do prefer to be in clothes that are not restrictive.

Kind of like his education… the least restrictive environment (IEP folks will get that joke).

In the meantime, I feel like I should hang a sign on our door,

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Socks
More service

7 thoughts on “Day #237 – Nudist Colony

  1. So I find myself warning people that are at our house when our son gets home as he will run to our side of the house strip to his (no tag boxers) but he keeps the same socks on and runs back through the house to his room for his long pant and long sleeve pjs that are Joe Boxer and 2 sizes too small! Last year I had the unique experience of having a glimpse of what my son goes through last year as I had a tumor in my brain that got so big and bothersome all my senses, speech, balance, and thought process was all messed up. I could feel EVERYTHING, and it was painful most of the time. But I felt blessed and thanked God for giving me a good understanding, and an even better neuro-surgeon 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! That is crazy!!! It’s sort of like my 1/2 marathon experience. I was on serious sensory overload and had a strange understanding of how Tucker’s world feels. Such a bizarre, enlightening experience! It’s ‘funny’ how these events happen in our life to give us a better understanding, yes?


  2. Here’s to the boxer shorts! We have been trying to get him to remember to put shorts and a shirt on when the neighbors drop by… But usually by the time he realizes they are there… It is too late!

    Lomg car trips are the funniest though… I often feel we are the only family who needs to tell their kid to get dressed in order to take a potty break!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Too funn!! Us too!!! More people have seen this child naked than what is appropriate or ‘right.’ But it is what it is…I can remember him being down to his pull-up by the time we got to daycare (a 20 minute drive). Looking back it’s funny…but in the moment? Not so much. Hang in there mama!!


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