Day #181 – Dear Siri, I love you.

All kinds of ‘inventions’ have been designed to help children with autism.

There are wiggle seats and chew sticks, there are jumpers and swings, there are pencil modifiers and colorful timers.

Of all inventions to help us manage autism, my favorite?  Smart phones.

I’m about to get mean…or honest – whichever you choose.

The most frustrating spectrum characteristic (at least for me)?  His insistence upon being right about and knowing everything.

I can handle the questions.
I can handle the schedules.
I can handle the meltdowns.
I can handle the picky food business.
I can handle tired brain.

But…pretending to know answers he doesn’t know or simultaneously NEEDING to know something RIGHT NOW.


This drives me freaking bananas.  He is insistent that he is right ABOUT EVERYTHING and if he finally admits he doesn’t know something then he has to find out about it RIGHT NOW.  Remember Stuck Tuck?  (See Day #31 – Stuck Tuck).  If he doesn’t know – then he gets stuck and his brain cannot move forward until we find the answer to the question.

Before smart phones, I was known to stop at random libraries to use a computer or find a book to get the information RIGHT NOW.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I also understand that some of this has to do with his nearing teenage’hood.
Except that he has always been like this and it can feel excessive.  I remember ‘phoning-a-friend’ about an episode of Thomas the Train when he was six…all while he was screaming in the backseat about Percy and some lost luggage.

Enter Siri.

It’s like the heavens opened up and gave me a gift.  Not everything is worth arguing about – but when it is, I have the Internet.  According to my 12 year old, the Internet is inherently smarter than his mother. Trust me, I know that is much more about teenage’hood than spectrum.

All I have to do is pick up my phone and ask Siri a question.  I don’t even have to take my eyes of the road and she will provide an answer for me, for us.  Then…we’re able to move on.

Well, until someone takes a bit of their York Peppermint Pattie and wonders how long they have been around…

Since 1940.

And where they were invented…

York, Pennsylvania.

On the more positive side – it does make me an absolute whiz at Trivia Crack (which by the way, is his favorite app – not surprisingly).


5 thoughts on “Day #181 – Dear Siri, I love you.

  1. Interesting. Just last week someone was telling me about an autistic child who loved his smart phone, especially talking with Siri😄


    • Yep – he often just searches the Internet and watches videos – just to know. Not necessarily to be entertained…but his curiosity is [at times] overwhelming. It’s good though, right? A curious child is a learning child…


    • Ha! Thank you so much – it is so true. He may not always do well in school – but one day he may be a trivia champion!! Little bits of knowledge that he just HAS to know 😀


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