Day #173 – Tucker & Spock

Long live Spock.


The character played by Leonard Nimoy had an intense logical nature.  There are moments that I reminded of how Tucker’s brain works within the same intense logical environment. My heart has grown to appreciate the characteristics of Spock.

It can be quite irritating – because EVERYTHING has to have reason.

Last night he had on a stocking hat and pulled it over his face in a restaurant.

Mom:  ‘Tucker, please remove the hat from your face.  That is not appropriate in a restaurant.”
Tucker:  “It’s not my hat.  It’s my dad’s.”
Mom: “Tucker, please remove your dad’s hat from your face.  That is not appropriate in a restaurant.”

He removed the hat.

It can be quite frustrating – because EVERYTHING needs an explanation.

Mom: (as he is walking away) Tucker, please don’t suck on that Gatorade bottle.  (he was sucking it onto his lips so he didn’t have to hold it with his hands – even after it was empty).

He returns with a red circle around his lips.

Mom:  Tucker, what is on your face?
Tucker:  Nothing.
Mom:  Yes, there is.  Please come here.

I realize that he has sucked that bottle so hard he broke blood vessels from the suction of the bottle.

Mom:  Tucker, did you keep sucking on that bottle?
Tucker:  Yes.
Mom:  I told you not to.
Tucker:  Yes. Why?
Mom:  I told you not to because it would break tiny blood vessels in your face.
Tucker:  You didn’t tell me that would happen.
Mom:  You’re right.

It can be quite funny  – because EVERYTHING has a reason.

Estelle:  Mom,I can’t wait for a Tucker to start liking girls. Then, I think he’ll start caring about his smell. Whew….seriously puberty makes him very smelly.
Mom:  You think that will do it?
Estelle:  I do.
Tucker:  Not anytime soon. I can’t ever imagine kissing being worth the drama.

Not only is this last example logical – but it is also void of ‘over-emotion.’

These are my favorite stories to tell about Tucker because it gives others a glimpse.  For some children this could be their attempt at being funny and/or contrary.  Not him. This is his reality.  Everything must be based in fact and logic.  Even his reaction to emotional events – I must find some sort of logic, something that he can make sense of.

Regardless, I’m reminded of the 2009 Star Trek Movie scene with Amanda Grayson, the Human mother of Spock.  She was originally a schoolteacher (how ironic).

Amanda Grayson: There’s no need to be anxious. You’ll do fine. 
Spock: I am hardly anxious, Mother. And “fine” has variable definitions. “Fine” is unacceptable. 
Amanda Grayson: Okay. 
Spock: May I ask a personal query? 
Amanda Grayson: Anything. 
Spock: Should I choose to complete the Vulcan discipline of Kolinahr and purge all emotion, I trust you will not feel it reflects judgment on you. 
Amanda Grayson: Oh, Spock. As always, whatever you choose to be, you will have a proud mother. (From

No matter how logical, irritating, frustrating, or humorous the logical nature of Tucker becomes…I will always be proud of him.

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