Day #153 – IEP: Dear Grown-Ups,

The final post in a five-part series about the IEP Process.
Day #149 – The IEP
Day #150 – The IEP:  Dear IEP Team, (a note from a parent’s perspective)
Day #151 – The IEP:  Dear Parents (a note from the IEP team)

Day #152 – The IEP:  Dear General Education Teachers (a note from the Special Education teacher)

Here is what I would imagine my child to say….

Dear Grown Ups,

I love my teachers.

I love all the people who help me – my Occupational Therapist, my Speech Pathologist, my Physical Therapist, everyone.

I love my mom and dad.

I need help and I can’t always tell you in what ways I need help.

I need you to work together and do what is best for me.


Thank you,

Your Child

4 thoughts on “Day #153 – IEP: Dear Grown-Ups,

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