Day #114 – Resolutions

It’s 2015.

The year Tucker becomes a teenager.

I’ve thought quite a bit about what I was going to write today.


I can’t write about ‘healthier eating’ because I went mostly vegetarian (other than checking to make sure meat is done and tastes ‘right’ for my family) and extremely reduced gluten in May.

I can’t really write about a ‘new writing goal’ because I’m the midst of old writing goals.

I can’t write about a ‘new exercise plan’ because I’m in the midst of training for a 1/2 marathon.

Then…it came to me.

It came to me in the grocery store as I was talking to some friends about their big New Year’s Eve plans. They, too, were staying home.  I said those fateful words, “You know the thing about New Year’s Eve?  Was it ever as fun as you thought it would be?  Did the hype ever really match the outcome?”

Honestly – mine never has…and I would guess many of your News Year’s Eve’s (I’m not entirely positive I have all of the apostrophe’s in the right place there) haven’t either.

It’s just another day.

Just like every other day in our house – but by necessity.

Just another day.

We can’t have too much excitement, too much new, too much out of routine.

Every day in our house is much like the day before and much like the day after. In retrospect, it’s never how I thought my life would become.  In reality, it’s how I appreciate my life to be.

Maybe that is the resolution in itself – to be thankful and grateful for the present instead of thinking about expectations.

I didn’t expect to be divorced – but my ‘second-try’  husband is all I could have ever wanted, imagined, needed, and hoped for.

I didn’t expect to move to a new town and begin ‘over’ three years ago – but this community is incredibly loving, supportive, and generally amazing.

I didn’t expect my daughter to have to struggle through the same types of struggles I did – but it made me stronger, more compassionate, more understanding, and less judgmental.

I didn’t expect my son to have autism – but he hugs me, he tells me he loves me, and he does okay at school – and that’s a whole lot more than many other spectrum parents.

I didn’t expect any of those things…but boy, I sure am glad they all happened.

So, this year?  Nothing ‘new’ in resolutions – just more practice in being thankful the unexpected wonderfulness that has become my life.


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