Day #94 – Whoops…I Did It Again

Sometimes I do something a bit crazy….awesome…but crazy.  I make sense out of these crazy things in my head – I rationalize it until it makes sense.

I did that with something…I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday.

Then, I have my own ‘moment.’  The moment where I throw caution to the wind and in the wise words from We Bought a Zoo,  ‘You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

So what’s the thing?  I’ll give you some hints…

I love education
I have this thing about spreading God’s love and grace.
I have this thing about equality and loving all people.
I have this thing about giving to others.

I love to run
Okay, not the beginning – but once I get started again I love exhilaration, the challenge, the zone.
I’ve fallen off the ‘run’ wagon.  I have no excuses other than I took on some extra duties at work.
I’ve run 5K’s, 10K’s, Warrior Dash, Mud Runs, and Sprint Tri’s…
My schedule will ease up after this semester.

I love Tucker
Tucker has this thing called autism
One of Tucker’s favorite artists is Toby Mac
This thing prevents him from going to live music concerts (waaaaaay too much stimulation)

So, it turns out there is this thing called The Run for Hope.  It’s a race –  Half or Full Marathon in Nashville at the end of April.  Toby Mac creates a ‘team’ of his own with participants raising money for The New Hope School.  Each team member pledges to raise $1,000.  What is the New Hope School (from

We are a community of hope.
We believe that changing our culture begins with understanding and that understanding takes place in genuine relationships.  Separately, we remain impoverished and naive—the poor and affluent alike.  Together, we become stronger and enlightened, challenging each other and lifting one another to a Christ-centered life.

We are a community of vision.
We believe in building the bridges of brotherhood in our community and in our nation.  We step forward to do our part in dismantling the economic, cultural and racial walls that keep many people from excelling as citizens of this country and as children of the King.

We are a community of faith
We are true believers called to shine the light of Christ into the darkest corners of despair illuminating every heart and mind with a new vision—a new hope.

Participants also get a private, VIP concert with Toby Mac.

Only 150 people are on his ‘team.’

I am one of them.

A run…

For education?
For spreading love?
For underprivileged children?
For a chance to take Tucker to a ‘private’ concert?

I’m in.

5 thoughts on “Day #94 – Whoops…I Did It Again

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