Day #88 – Resource #9

I LOVE this website:

Mostly because it’s colorful and friendly.  Mostly because it was started by a mom… started with my inspiration, my son Wyatt Green, and my hope that Autism and Asperger Syndrome will soon be understood on a much more mainstream  and useful level. Something that is long overdue! We are hoping for greater awareness about our wonderful population, and what we have to contribute to one another and the world! Our hope is thatAutismHWY will be able to connect similar individuals and their support  systems. To many, many other families dealing wih the same issues. Becoming a  place where we can, celebrate our differences and learn through our similarities!  
The A.S.D. community is brimming with talented, fun and inventive people! People bringing a rich, pure perspective to the landscape of life. hopes to empower our community by allowing these people to connect, learn and showcase what each can contribute! Self esteem and fun belong to everyone here at AutismHWY!

Our mission is to Promote Friendship through Common Understanding!  Spreading awareness to make the knowledge common! So join the journey and have fun as we spread the word! Merge with us as we take our Autism Highway mainstream! (

My favorite page on this site?  Articles (

On this page there are helpful articles and ideas organized by category:  social behaviors, hot topics, products, education, arts, medical, support, and etc.

Check it out…it’s colorful and full of great stuff!

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