Day #79 – I’m Not a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

A short story for the day…

One fairly common characteristic of children on the spectrum is that they have difficulty finding the line between fact and fiction.  Ever more-so – they often don’t understand fiction or its use.  Why would you want to read/learn something that is not real?

3rd Grade…with the wonderfully, talented, beautiful Mrs Kress.

I was picking Tucker up from school the day before Thanksgiving.  She is there waiting…deep breath…something happened.

She proceeds to tell me that Tucker had a major melt-down…that he refused to do an assignment.  REFUSED as in he WOULD NOT do it.  She told me she finally gave up…but wanted me to know.

On our way home I said to Tucker…’Tucker, what exactly was the problem today?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well..Mrs. Kress said you had a bit of a difficult time today.”

“Well, yes.  She wanted me to write a story for Thanksgiving about being a turkey.”

“Okay…and the problem with that?”

“(exasperated sigh) Because mom.  I am NOT a turkey.  I am a boy.  I have NO desire to be a turkey.  Turkey’s walk around in their poop all day.  They have to stay in cages and aren’t in houses.  They do not have televisions and cannot read.  WHY would I want to be a turkey?  No way.  I am not writing about something that I have no desire to be.  I just don’t even want to imagine it.”


Well…there you go.

That’s spectrum business (and funny-kid business) at its finest.  Logical, sequential, non-fiction, realism…

5 thoughts on “Day #79 – I’m Not a Turkey

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