Day #70 – Rattle and Hum

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Rattle and Hum…not just the title of one of the best albums…EVER.

The album features a live duet between U2 and BB King…it seems quite fitting actually.  Noisy – energetic – honest – full of life…much like Tucker.

It’s our life…energetic, honest, full of life….and NOISY.

Opposite of yesterday is the hyposensitivity to sound – I know it seems odd, but as I’ve written before – many children experience both  hyper and hypo when it comes to sorting out their senses/environments.

This goes beyond having music turned up too loud.  Tucker needs to have instructions repeated often because he doesn’t hear what I say…and not because of hearing loss.  This can be especially frustrating for teachers and/or parents who may think that children are simply being naughty.  Then, this is confusing for the child – because they honestly don’t hear what is being said to them.  Ugh…just another miscommunication.

This is Tucker.

One of the symptoms is that the person may ‘appear to make noise for noise sake.’

This is Tucker.

Tucker hums. Tucker clicks. Tucker snaps. Tucker claps. Tucker is noisy.  Flat out noisy.  Noisy in the back seat. Noisy in the kitchen.  Noisy in the shower.  I am a talker…and it’s a good thing.  I like noise.  I turn on the television, for noise.  I have music on, for noise.  Thank goodness I have Tucker.  He seems to make noise…well, just to be making noise!

His noise doesn’t bother me…but it drives other people NUTS!!  Including his sister.  This is tough because I know he’s doing it as a self-soothing and control mechanism, but it doesn’t negate the fact that it drives her bananas.  This is just one area that parents of a child with autism (or any other special stuff) may struggle.  How exactly do we balance the needs of our ‘special’ child with the needs of the other beloved children that live in our homes? It’s a constant battle.  In this case, I work to refocus Tucker and so far it has helped.  

I let him be, but if it really starts to bother other people – I ask if he could move to a different room.  The trick?  Giving him a purpose/task in that other room.  If I were to ask him to move because he’s noisy it would be the beginning of a very, very bad night.  He would feel attacked, once again not good enough, once again different.  So, I give him a task that I know he will have to focus on – one that requires such concentration that he won’t be able to make noise, one that is of ‘high necessity’ to be helpful.  What types of tasks?


Watching Videos

A Puzzle

Writing a List (Christmas/Birthday)

I tell him that he needs to be in alone so that he can concentrate-because the task is just that important.

Regardless…I simply have to remind myself to just keep loving him right through it – that noisy Tucker Train.

To ‘steal’ those words from BB and Bono…I’ve seen love conquer the great divide.

The great divide?

Surely…the one between the Neurotypical’s (see Day #35 – I’m a Neurotypical)  and those on the spectrum.  You’ll read more about that tomorrow…how we conquer the great divide.

Hypo-Auditory Checklist from

_x_ often does not respond to verbal cues or to name being called

_x_ appears to “make noise for noise’s sake”

_x_ loves excessively loud music or TV

_x_ seems to have difficulty understanding or remembering what was said

_x_ appears oblivious to certain sounds

_x_ appears confused about where a sound is coming from

_x_ talks self through a task, often out loud

_x_ had little or no vocalizing or babbling as an infant

_x_ needs directions repeated often, or will say, “What?” frequently

7 thoughts on “Day #70 – Rattle and Hum

    • Thanks so much Beth – that’s the whole purpose…just trying to teach. We never stop teaching, do we? Hope all is well with you and yours!


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