Day #46 – Resources & Gifts

Even if your child is not on the spectrum, check out this website.

The site is a Godsend for families affected by Autism.  I used to go to this website and create a wishlist of things that I knew would help Tucker.  If you know a family, ask them.

Ask what they need.  
Ask them what they struggle with.

Go to this website and see if there is anything that appears that it could ‘help.’  Surprise them with a gift, odds are – they’ve been thinking about buying it for quite some time. 


Weighted blankets – they help to calm the overactive nerves of children.  It’s quite simple, actually.  Think about winter – when you climb into bed and have layers of blankets.  Doesn’t that feel good?  Why?  Because of the weight…the weight on top of you makes you feel calm and safe. 

Visual timers and schedules – while I was lucky enough to have a background in education and have some time as a teacher – many parents do not.  These are resources that can make their lives incredibly easier.  Actually, those timers?  Those are helpful to anyone with toddlers – it’s just most children grow out of the difficulty of transition times – children with Autism do not.

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