Day #18- The Turtle or The Hare, Part I

First off, if you read my post yesterday, I must apologize. This morning my mom informed me that there were a plethora of typos. Turns out, she was right. It seems I may have hit publish before I ‘thinkchecked.’ As usual, in a hurry-how fitting for today’s post!

Thinkcheck is my equivalent to spell check…thank goodness for mom.

Well…onto the post for the day.

Turtle or Hare? Fast or Slow?

Well…it depends on the age.

Right now?  At age 12?  The turtle.  Defintely the turtle. Often, children on the spectrum prefer sedentary tasks. As Tucker has aged he has become even more cautious (tomorrow you will get the chance to read about his earlier years, which are MUCH different).

They move slowly and cautiously. They often avoid taking risks. Why? Generally these children do not like the unknown. For instance, this weekend we came ‘home’ for my 20th class reunion. We prepped Tucker for four days, explaining what would happen. Which ‘happenings?’ All of them…where we are staying, which bed he would sleep in, who he would see, what time we would get home, what he would eat, when we would leave. From arrival to departure, he knew the plan. Slow, methodical, steady, consistent.

It really all makes sense – throughout this blog you will read more about his intense fear of falling, of tripping, or of getting hurt- the unplanned, the what ‘could happen.’

He walks slowly, methodically. Honestly, it drives me CRAZY. He gets to a curb he stops. Not because of traffic, but because he will carefully, cautiously step off the curb. Checking the ‘unknown’ of the pavement below. Checking each step…figuring out the unknown-even when it’s clearly right in front of him.

I walk fast, I talk fast, I move fast…which means I often forget, I often trip, I often lose things. Tucker helps me. He helps me slow down, he helps me focus. He also gives me a hard time about never knowing where my purse, keys, or phone are – because he usually does know.

Why? Well, because he often pays more attention to my life, more attention than I pay to my own.

I also have to believe that it’s not just him being overly cautious but also that he is also relishing in the details of life. What life looks and feels like. Because of his heightened sensitives he’s just a bit more aware of the smells, sounds, temperature, lights, etc.

Oscar Wilde said, ‘to live life is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist that is all.’

That is Tucker, because of his heightened sensitivities he lives, really lives and takes it all in every day. How lucky is he?

How lucky am I?

Thank you Tucker, for helping me slow down and really live..

3 thoughts on “Day #18- The Turtle or The Hare, Part I

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